We know being a mom (or dad) can be the most rewarding and most difficult role in life.  Wanting the best for your child, hoping you're "doing it right", and losing a lot of sleep along the way.

That's why we do what we do -  to provide you with top parenting experts to be your guide through the ups and downs.

Just imagine having over 20 parenting experts at your fingertips to provide guidance through your parenting challenges....

What’s included in the series package?
All of the experts in this series have been chosen because of how their work fits into the 5 steps that make up Great Parenting Simplified.
  1. Growth Mindset
  2. Building a Village of Support
  3. Creating Alignment 
  4. Maturation and Motivation 
  5. Navigating Behavior

We've carefully chosen 22 parenting experts, and brought their most important tips to you in 3 convenient formats, to make it much easier for you to digest and remember the info you need in the moment.  

The 8th GPS Series Interview Package includes: 
  • 20 Video Interviews, on-demand, with mobile-friendly access
  • Downloadable audio files of the interviews to listen to in the car, while working around the house, exercising, etc.
  • Digital Workbook with notes taken by GPS mamas to provide you a quick reference guide for all speaker interviews. It has room for you to note your top takeaways, and is also downloadable. 
  • SPECIAL BONUS: To help you when you get stuck, to provide you a safe place to share and get to know other moms who are also committed to their growth, we have a great bonus! The first 200 to purchase also receive 30-day free access to our new membership program (value of $50 USD) launching in June 2020. This will give you a deeper dive into the 5 themes/steps and how to apply them to your personal situations.

Imagine feeling confident that you have the essential tools needed to navigate your parenting challenges...  

Invest in yourself and your family. 

Discover your inner GPS and start enjoying your parenting journey!

Get Your GPS

By owning the 8th annual Great Parenting Simplified (GPS) Interview Series you'll have anytime access to over 20 parenting experts that were interviewed by Jacqueline Green - Founder of Great Parenting Simplified.
- Scroll down to see the list of experts, their topics, and their bios.

The 8th GPS Interview Series includes: 


Over 20 hours of parenting experts sharing specialized tips to support you through the ups & downs


Downloadable speaker notes created by our community of mamas to help you gain quick insights & strategies


30-day free access to our new membership program for first 200 who buy the 8th GPS Package
- Launching June 2020 

Get to know our series experts!

Click on the speaker's name to read their bio and watch a short clip from their interview

Theme 1:
Navigating Issues with Behavior

How to Deal with Challenging Behaviors Like Lying, Stealing & Aggression

5 Things All Sensitive
Kids Need Now

Help for Bright Kids with Social, Emotional or Behavioral Challenges

The Power of Parenting Boys Peacefully

Theme 2:
How to Enlist Help

A Powerful Tool to Help You Thrive
(even in isolation)

From Plotting your Escape Route to Power Couple

Rebuild Connection and Trust and Avoid Resignation in Relationship

Why Your Kids Need You to Build a Support Village &  How To Do It

Theme 3:
The Science Behind Why Kids Act the Way They Do!

How the Way You Manage Emotions Can End the Power Struggles and Rivalries in Your Home

The Power of Showing Up - Even When It's Super Hard

The Power of Relationship: Less Drama, More Love

What Your Child Needs
You to Know Now In These Stressful Times

Theme 4:
Motivation & Maturation Demystified

How to be at Your Best When Your Kids are at Their Worst

How to Calm the Chaos

3 Tips for Harnessing the Art of Learning Right Now

The Self-Driven Child:
The Science and Sense of
Giving Your Kids More Control Over Their Lives

Theme 5:
The Power of a Growth Mindset

How to Overcome Stress & Worry About Your Kids

Coping with Crisis

Transforming Anger:
The Conscious Way (especially if you have a strong-willed child!)

How to Establish a Growth Mindset at Home From Day One

Jacqueline Green
& the Great Parenting Simplified Series Team!

I know you will find these topics not only relevant and informative, but you will see the major value in learning these skills that will pay off in so many areas of your life.

Be the change.

  • For your kids.
  • For your community.
  • For the world!

It’s amazing how much you can inspire and help others by your example, regardless of where you are now in your parenting journey.

I look forward to showing you the way to Great Parenting Simplified!

Discover your internal GPS to guide you and
your family with confidence and clarity.

Own the 8th GPS Package

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